Outsourcing Security

Embracing Modern Technology and Robust Infrastructure

In today’s business landscape, technology and infrastructure have become indispensable for organizations of all types. Regardless of the industry, a certain degree of automation and computerization is essential. At Superiorsums, we recognize the significance of cutting-edge technology in delivering top-notch services.

Our proficient accounting experts employ dual monitor workstations to efficiently carry out their tasks. We readily accept accounting data in electronic formats through secure FTP or attached to emails. Our security measures are robust, ensuring the utmost protection of your sensitive information. Our team is well-versed in preventing unauthorized data access, identifying fraud, and mitigating security threats.

When you choose our outsourced accounting services, you benefit from a high-speed processing environment, facilitated by our 8 Mbps Internet connectivity. This ensures swift communication with servers and remote systems for seamless task execution. To safeguard our systems against viruses, we employ effective antivirus programs.

Confidentiality is paramount to us. We uphold strict confidentiality regarding clients’ business information and identification details. We do not have access to your bank accounts, leaving control solely in your hands. Our professionals can manage bills payable and accounts but are not authorized to access your bank accounts. Your financial assets and account control remain securely within your purview.

Data loss prevention is a priority for us. We have implemented smart measures to counter accidental file deletion, hard drive malfunctions, viruses, computer theft, scams, and power failures. Our commitment to a safe and secure environment ensures your bookkeeping and accounting services are rendered without the risk of data loss due to viruses.

While technology brings innovation to business, there’s also an increased risk of scams and internet glitches. At Superiorsums, we maintain meticulous backup systems to safeguard against data loss. Our staff consistently follows a backup regimen for every task, ensuring that even in the event of accidental deletion, data can be restored. Robust antivirus software is in place to fend off viruses and malware.

Connected to a global network, concerns arise about data damage, misuse of internet connections, and virus attacks. We have comprehensive measures in place to address these issues and provide a secure business environment.

Our systems are equipped with disks for recording regular backups, helping us recover data after severe virus damage or mechanical failures. Power outages, a significant concern during critical tasks like calculations and reconciliations, are addressed through a combination of Online UPS and backup Power Generators, safeguarding against data loss.


is paramount in accounting and bookkeeping. We prioritize customer relationships and business reputation by training our staff in network security compliance. Our four-tier security approach ensures the safety of our accounting and bookkeeping services system.

By combining cutting-edge technology, robust infrastructure, and stringent security measures, Superiorsums delivers services that are efficient, secure, and tailored to the needs of modern businesses.

Enhancing Network Data Security

Securing Data at the Physical Level

Creating a Secure Work Environment

Developing an Effective Audit Program

We have implemented comprehensive security measures to safeguard our work environment. Our workstations and servers are fortified with firewalls, and we maintain up-to-date antivirus software to counter potential virus threats. These safeguards require consistent updating to stay ahead of emerging risks. Our stringent data access protocols ensure that only authorized personnel can retrieve valuable information, fortifying our data integrity.

Our commitment to security extends to our server room. Access is exclusively granted to authorized individuals connected to our work, precluding any unauthorized entry. This strict access control policy is pivotal in maintaining the confidentiality of our data.

With a robust internet infrastructure boasting high bandwidth, we ensure seamless accounting and bookkeeping operations. However, our security measures remain uncompromising, and internet usage is exclusively designated for work-related tasks. This restriction is meticulously enforced to prevent any diversion from our professional commitments.

In line with our dedication to data integrity, we adhere to a regular backup regimen. This practice serves as a fail-safe mechanism, bolstering our ability to recover crucial data in unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, our Disaster Recovery Plan stands as a testament to our proactive approach, outlining strategic steps to expedite data recovery in the face of potential disasters.

Network Data Security Measures

We have taken extensive steps to ensure the security of our network data. To fortify our defenses, we have implemented firewalls across both our workstations and servers. In addition, we have installed antivirus software to provide a shield against potential virus attacks that could compromise our valuable information. Maintaining the effectiveness of these safeguards necessitates regular updates to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Access to our data is strictly controlled and limited to authorized personnel only. We enforce a rigorous policy that prohibits unauthorized individuals from accessing our data. This policy contributes significantly to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of our sensitive information.

Our commitment to network security extends to our physical premises as well. Our server room is accessible only to those directly connected to our work, preventing any unauthorized entry. This added layer of security bolsters our overall data protection strategy.

While our high internet bandwidth facilitates flawless accounting and bookkeeping operations, we prioritize security above all else. Therefore, we have implemented stringent measures to ensure that our internet resources are exclusively utilized for work-related tasks. This approach minimizes the risk of security breaches arising from personal internet use by our staff.

Recognizing the critical importance of data preservation, we adhere to a regular backup regimen. This practice safeguards our work against potential data loss. Additionally, our robust Disaster Recovery Plan outlines strategic procedures to swiftly restore data in the event of unforeseen disruptions.

In summary, our comprehensive network data security measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, strict access controls, and a focus on work-related internet usage, underscore our commitment to preserving the confidentiality and integrity of our valuable information.

Physical Security Measures for Data Protection

Our commitment to safeguarding client information, preserving business confidentiality, and ensuring data security extends to the physical level. Our Superiorsumss ervice employs stringent measures to achieve these goals, starting with the secure locking of our server room. Our top priority is the meticulous maintenance of books of accounts and the safety of vital business documents. To achieve optimal outcomes, we have crafted effective policies that guide our operations.

Recognizing the server room’s paramount importance within our physical network, we have taken steps to limit access. Non-access to the server room serves as a strong deterrent against unauthorized physical access to servers, cables, routers, and switches.

In addition to secure server room access, we maintain a meticulous logbook for all employees. Every individual involved in the job is required to sign the logbook upon entering and exiting the premises. This practice ensures a clear record of personnel movement and enhances accountability.

We remain vigilant regarding the security of our most vulnerable devices. Beyond the server itself, valuable assets like laptops, cables, and other sensitive items are securely locked to prevent unauthorized access.

Following completion of work for our clients, we enact stringent measures to ensure data security. Disks are destroyed, burned, and shredded, rendering them unusable for any malicious purposes. This approach guarantees that sensitive data cannot be misused with malicious intent.

To maintain a clear separation of responsibilities, our workstations are distinct from the server room. Employees lacking proper authorization are strictly prohibited from accessing data processing workstations or the server room, further fortifying our security posture.

Our dedication to maintaining optimal conditions extends to both the server room and workstations, where we have implemented proper temperature control systems to regulate environmental humidity. This ensures the preservation of equipment integrity and data quality.

In summary, our Superiorsums service places paramount importance on physical security to protect client information and business data. Through secure access controls, vigilant monitoring, and rigorous disposal processes, we ensure the highest level of data protection and confidentiality.

Ensuring Employee Security

Our unwavering commitment to employee security is underscored by our rigorous HR Policy, which serves as a robust foundation for our recruitment process. Prioritizing transparency and competence, we meticulously evaluate candidates to ensure the highest standards of talent acquisition.

The selection of resources and talents undergoes thorough scrutiny, involving a comprehensive assessment of past work experiences, educational qualifications, and current status. Through examinations and on-floor tests, we ascertain the capabilities of potential employees, ensuring they align with our requirements.

Throughout the recruitment process, we maintain a meticulous approach. Educational certificates are rigorously verified, and candidates’ knowledge is rigorously tested through examinations and interviews conducted by a panel of seasoned recruiters. We further delve into the details of prospective employees, contacting previous employers to validate references, a measure that bolsters our commitment to security.

In alignment with our dedication to information protection, Superiorsums adheres to a stringent practice. We withhold the sharing of business policies and agreements with any employee until after their official joining date. This approach ensures that sensitive information remains confidential until the individual becomes an integral part of our team.

In summary, our approach to employee security encompasses a multi-faceted evaluation process that combines scrutiny of credentials, knowledge assessment, reference checks, and a commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of crucial business information. This comprehensive strategy underpins our pledge to safeguarding our workforce and our clients’ interests.

Comprehensive Audit Program

Our approach to data safety and security is rooted in the belief that prevention is superior to remedy. This is why we meticulously embrace an array of data safety and security measures. Central to our strategy is a regular and comprehensive audit program designed to validate the accuracy of our accounting and bookkeeping undertakings. Our audit program encompasses a meticulous assessment of policies, processes, as well as local and network security protocols.

At the core of our ethos lies a customer-centric focus. As a provider of accounting services, we diligently comprehend your unique business requirements and tailor our actions to meet them. We remain steadfast in upholding our business ethics, prioritizing customer satisfaction over profit margins. Our commitment entails delivering expert services at minimal costs, effectively ensuring a partnership that benefits both parties.

Our operational methodology is characterized by precision, timeliness, and client orientation. Our adept team possesses the requisite expertise to adeptly handle all facets of accounting and bookkeeping. To enhance precision, we reconcile supporting documents with the financial statements we produce, guaranteeing an impeccable alignment of figures.

By leveraging a multifaceted team approach, we ensure the delivery of expert services with added advantages. Your work undergoes meticulous scrutiny at multiple levels by a team of accountants and bookkeeping professionals. This layered assessment minimizes the likelihood of errors and omissions.

We recognize the criticality of accuracy in accounting and bookkeeping. A minor error today can potentially translate into significant losses tomorrow. Consequently, our emphasis rests on the quality of deliverables rather than short-term gains.

Our Outsourcing Accounting Services cater to a diverse clientele, including CPAs, small and large organizations, and individual firms operating within the US. Our comprehensive services encompass tasks such as cash receipt management, billing, invoicing, purchase order management, credit analysis, bank reconciliation, cost accounting, payment authorization, and more.

As a one-stop solution, we offer comprehensive assistance spanning finance, invoicing, tax filing, payment, and other accounting functions. Our services are cost-effective, presenting an opportunity to reduce operational expenses. You can opt for hourly payment based on the task’s nature or select a monthly package aligned with your business needs. We accommodate changing volumes of work and even offer the flexibility to terminate the outsourcing contract at any point.

Superiorsums stands as a stalwart in the contemporary digital landscape, catering to newcomers and seasoned entities alike. Our mission is customer satisfaction, and we strive to provide timely, cost-effective, and expert services tailored to your financial constraints and organizational requisites.

We adhere meticulously to US trade regulations for accounting and finance statement preparation, adhering with utmost precision to the trade rules of the USA and Canada. This makes our services accessible and applicable to individual firms, CPAs, and organizations of all sizes operating within the US.

Our operational model transcends time zones. With a 12-hour time difference between the US and India, we can undertake accounting tasks during your night hours and have them completed by your next morning.

Your privacy is paramount to us. We secure your data through backup across multiple servers, ensuring the confidentiality of your financial records. Our services also offer the advantage of cost savings due to India’s lower cost of service provision. We assure a secure financial service for all practical purposes.

The time to act is now. We extend a warm welcome to small and medium-sized businesses, inviting you to seize the opportunity to leverage advanced technology and infrastructure without additional investment.

In conclusion, our audit program and services are characterized by meticulousness, customer-centricity, precision, and security. We invite you to partner with us for an enhanced financial future.

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