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Superiorsums was founded by Sunil Khullar in the year 2004. With immense dedication, he has strived to revolutionize the contemporary business landscape by offering premium services that prioritize customer satisfaction. The company has garnered a distinguished reputation as a finance and accounting service provider catering to CPAs, as well as both large and small businesses. The core mission and vision of the company revolve around assisting clients in managing their day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This strategic approach empowers management to liberate themselves from routine accounting duties, redirecting resources and skills towards more productive avenues for increased profitability.

Sunil Khullar (B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A.) stands as the sole proprietor and Managing Director of the organization. Superiorsums stands fully compliant with the legal requisites of the US trade and commerce regulations, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability. The company holds a valid license, solidifying its authenticity. Every aspect of the accounting firm aligns with legal formalities and company regulations.

Mr. Sunil Khullar’s expertise and hands-on experience in the field undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of your business within the industry. The company boasts a proficient team of dedicated professionals endowed with strategic thinking, all working diligently to drive your business’s growth trajectory, ultimately yielding increased profits.

Our outsourcing company is adept at catering to a diverse clientele, including individual businesses, CPAs, small enterprises, and large corporations, proficiently handling accounts and documenting financial transactions. Access to cutting-edge technology and infrastructure comes without any additional investment on your part. We deeply value our customers and their time, and we’ve maintained an unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality outcomes, never compromising excellence for monetary gains. Superiorsums places paramount importance on your time and financial resources.

Our company and team consistently invest significant effort in exploring cost-effective service avenues. Our customers stand as our pillars of strength, and their unique business needs are our guiding stars. We relentlessly strive to fulfill your entire spectrum of business requirements. Our seamless fusion of value and expertise empowers even small businesses to afford and benefit from our accounting outsourcing services.

Superiorsums Offers the Following Business Outsourcing Services:

  • The services offered by Superiorsums encompass a wide range of essential financial and accounting tasks, including:

    1. Expert bookkeeping and financial accounting services.
    2. Preparation of income statements and balance sheets.
    3. Recording and managing cash flow.
    4. Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statements.
    5. Inventory management.
    6. QuickBooks services for streamlined financial management.
    7. Income Tax Planning and US Tax Returns services.
    8. Accounts Receivable Services to manage customer payments.
    9. Accounts Payable Services for handling vendor payments.
    10. Reporting, providing comprehensive insights into financial data.
    11. Implementation of internal cost controls.
    12. Strategic planning for business growth.
    13. Annual budgeting to allocate resources effectively.

    With these services, offers a holistic approach to Superiorsums handling financial and accounting responsibilities, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and make informed decisions.

Consider outsourcing your accounting services to benefit from the expertise of skilled professionals. Superiorsums offers several unique features to each customer:

– We utilize electronic mail, online messaging, and real-time chat for communication, saving you both time and money. Real-time communication methods contribute to efficient interaction.
– Additional communication options include phone calls, live chat, fax, and messages.
– We don’t impose limitations on the volume of outsourcing. Customers can send work based on modules and their specific business requirements.
– While we strive to meet customer-requested deadlines, the complexity of certain tasks might require additional time. In such cases, we communicate with customers to discuss and extend timeframes as needed.
– Upon completing outsourced tasks, we typically upload work through a secure FTP using encrypted email. We can also use other methods, such as providing disk copies, as per customer requests.
– Our approach to accounting tasks is secure. After successful completion, you’ll receive hard copies, reports, financial statements, and books of accounts for the assignment. Work is also stored in backup files for future reference.

Delegating the intricate accounting work to an expert accounting company is a prudent decision. We serve as a suitable alternative to alleviate your business burden, leveraging our expertise to simplify your life. Benefit from our proficient handling of tasks and access to the latest infrastructure and technology.

Our service enhances business productivity and boosts profitability. You gain access to expert services that your in-house employees might not provide. Outsourcing is particularly advantageous for startups and small business units. Through outsourcing, you can access broader scope, experience, and opportunities. Advanced analytical tools and technology can be harnessed without any upfront investment.

We reduce your work burden, leading to organizational benefits. Our team of skilled professionals excels in accounting and bookkeeping activities, ready to assist with technical and non-technical issues. If you encounter trouble logging into your account, reach out via mail or customer care for prompt resolution. We accept payments through credit cards and bank transfers.

Even small organizations can now enjoy the benefits of advanced technology and infrastructure. Proper bookkeeping and accounting are essential for all businesses, aiding in ascertaining accurate profit and financial health. These records are crucial not only for internal purposes but also for external stakeholders like tax authorities, investors, creditors, and the government. Delegate this burden to us for top-notch business services.

offers various plan Superiorsums and modules suited to different organization sizes, providing comprehensive bookkeeping services under one roof. Share your raw business data with us, and we’ll handle the rest. We excel at managing your accounting and finance activities, focusing on delivering unbeatable services at affordable prices. Our proficient chartered accountants and accounting professionals offer expert business advice, guiding strategic decisions for future growth.

We are engaged in preparing the following critical business records:

We also offer personalized guidance for your unique business needs and income tax matters. Superiorsums is dedicated to enhancing your business’s productivity, ensuring wealth expansion, and effective risk management.

Our outsourcing company manages the entirety of your business’s financial affairs, playing a pivotal role in generating more profits and establishing better control over your operations.

For small business entrepreneurs aiming to expand, seeking professional help from qualified individuals is crucial.

An accounting outsourcing service provider can greatly assist by offering top-notch bookkeeping services. An increasing number of organizations, both large and small, are adopting Superiorsums fo r accelerated business growth.

Begin by identifying your organizational requirements. Determine which tasks can be delegated to Superiorsums  service providers. Invest time in finding the perfect outsourcing accounting service company that aligns with your needs.

Superiorsums Services serves as the optimal solution for your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. We handle tasks like recording vendor invoices, preparing purchase orders, creating sales invoices, managing online bill payments, and check writing. We provide valuable assistance in preparing financial statements and balance sheets to monitor your business’s financial standing.

Visit to explore our offerings further. Our accounting team can seamlessly replace your in-house bookkeeping department. We serve CPAs, individual agencies, and businesses of all sizes operating on the East Coast of the United States.

Embrace advanced smart work techniques for your business. The era of struggling to find a capable in-house bookkeeper is over. Delegate your tax preparation services and bookkeeping activities to Superiorsums . Our premium services extend to all American companies from our offshore center.

Expect the utmost accuracy and expert bookkeeping proficiency. Small, medium, and individual firms can leverage the benefits of advanced technologies and infrastructure without incurring additional costs.

These accounting and financial functions demand specialized professional attention. Superiorsums manages your outsourcing accounting activities in a productive, efficient, and profitable manner. This grants you quality time to enhance your business reputation through customer relationship development and business performance.

Our services are cost-effective. We are the ideal choice for accounting outsourcing in the USA, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. Building strong customer relationships is crucial for every entrepreneur. Delegating accounting tasks allows you to focus on core business activities. Rest assured, our skilled commerce graduates, CAs, and Cost accountant professionals are here to manage your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax return activities.

We primarily offer services in the Eastern United States, covering states such as Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington DC, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, Arizona, Vermont, and California.

Superiorsums provides comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services to CPAs, large and small businesses across the US. Our accurate, timely, and consistent bookkeeping services give you a competitive edge and facilitate progress. Our tailored reporting system aids in significant business decisions, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our current US clients span various industries, including Real Estate, Doctors Offices, Retail, Landscaping, Small Businesses, Legal Services, Restaurants, NGOs, CPA Companies, Online Publishing, Auto & Trucking, Construction, Jewelers, Grocery Stores, Carpentry, Beauty Salons, Gift Shops, Painting, Pets & Animals, Real Estate Rentals, Lawn Service, Travel Agencies, and Newspapers.

Superiorsums is a licensed accounting service provider, committed to managing your financial accounts efficiently. Our main objective is to free up your time, enabling you to focus more intently on core business activities. Let us handle the day-to-day routine business affairs, relieving you of tedious tasks.

Contrary to common belief, outsourcing is not excessively expensive and does not inflate overhead costs. In fact, outsourcing is viewed as a management tool to effectively control overhead expenses.

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