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About Superiorsums

Superiorsums, founded by Ahmed in 2004, exemplifies his unwavering dedication to revolutionizing today’s business landscape. With a focus on delivering premium services and fostering heightened customer satisfaction, Sunil Khullar has been instrumental in driving these changes. The company stands as a distinguished provider of finance and accounting solutions catering to CPAs, as well as both large and small-scale businesses.

At its core, Superiorsums is driven by a mission and vision that centers on supporting its valued clients in efficiently managing their day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This strategic approach liberates management from the routine and repetitive accounting functions, enabling them to channel their resources and expertise towards more productive avenues, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

Mr. Sunil Khullar

Sunil Khullar, the Managing Director and owner of the company, possesses an impressive array of qualifications and expertise, including:

  • B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce)
  • F.C.A. (Fellow Chartered Accountant)
  • D.I.S.A. (Diploma in Information System Audit)

He is also a CPA Certified Public Accountant Equivalent, holding the esteemed title of an Pakistani Chartered Accountant equivalent to a CPA.


About Our Company

Accurate bookkeeping demands a 100% precision level. While implementing the latest accounting software offers automated services and cost-saving benefits, it does present practical challenges within the workplace.

One primary issue lies in the technical proficiency of your internal staff. Not all may possess the necessary expertise to effectively use the software, necessitating training and additional costs. Furthermore, relying solely on automation may mean missing out on the personalized guidance of a real accountant. Business owners often seek personal advice and insights from accountants for strategic planning and informed decision-making. A purely automated approach could lack this valuable support.

Considering both options, it’s evident that each has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Business owners are best equipped to make informed decisions by weighing the pros and cons of each alternative. Instead of hiring an expensive accountant or investing in costly bookkeeping software, the optimal approach might be to delegate the accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities to experts. This delegation can alleviate the burden of monotonous tasks, making the business owner’s life simpler and more manageable.

We're Here to Assist You in Effectively Managing Your Accounts via

We offer a harmonious fusion of hands-on accounting assistance and cutting-edge automation, delivering you the latest in intelligent bookkeeping support. As industry trailblazers, we are dedicated to reshaping the current business landscape. Our mission is to infuse innovation into the realms of accounting and bookkeeping. At , we strive to edSuperiorsumsucate entrepreneurs about the advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping, particularly in the dynamic digital era.

Every business owner possesses intimate knowledge of their business’s strengths and weaknesses. Certain business activities demand the personal attention of entrepreneurs and cannot be entrusted to third parties. However, there are less critical tasks that can be effectively delegated to external entities. While these tasks hold significance, they aren’t at the core of the business. For business owners, it’s prudent to focus on core activities and delegate non-core responsibilities to proficient outsourcing companies.

Among these non-core activities are accounting and bookkeeping tasks. By identifying your unique business requirements and delineating the tasks suitable for outsourcing, we, as expert accounting and bookkeeping service providers, are primed to accelerate your business objectives efficiently.

We Are Here to Assist You in Effectively Managing Your Accounts by

  • We offer cutting-edge business accounting solutions to CPAs, businesses of all sizes, including individual enterprises. Superiorsums presents the perfect opportunity to shift mundane day-to-day accounting tasks away from your domestic staff, freeing them from monotonous responsibilities. Given that bookkeeping demands precision and accuracy, consuming substantial managerial time, even the smallest errors are unacceptable in the realm of preparing and recording books of accounts.

    Opting for our services will yield the following benefits:

    1. Nearly 50% reduction in operational costs.
    2. Accounting outsourcing can result in up to 90% savings compared to maintaining domestic bookkeepers.
    3. Efficient business functioning can earn you recognition and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
    4. Access to the most tried-and-true accounting services for your business.
    5. Accounting outsourcing serves as a cost-effective tool for management.
    6. Employing smart business techniques ensures heightened security.
    7. Charges are based on usage, eliminating unnecessary expenses and ensuring value for your money.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Software Companies?

We are the pioneer bookkeeping service provider. Our skilled team has all the knowledge to manage your accounts in a better way. We the Superiorsums are furnished with the below-listed features.

  • Superiorsums operates in India and caters to the need of CPAs, individual enterprises and all the big and small business houses operating in US and Canada.
  • We provide customer-centric service. We serve you with your customized business need to make you happy.
  • We take special care of our customers through maximizing flexibility in the process with maxim liberty
  • You can avail our services six days a week from Monday to Saturday
  • We provide weekly, the monthly and annual report including daily updates to make you aware of your business.
  • We prevent unauthorized access to data and provide you a better level of security.
  • You have the liberty to terminate the service or change the plan at any point in time as per your business requirement.

We are the best business solution to make your life better. Entrepreneurs can take the decision to hire us to get their routine business affairs done through an expert hand.

Implement accounting outsourcing to your business and get the benefits of reduced overhead costs and increased profit. Ease your life by hiring our expert services.

Our bookkeeping service offers the following outsourcing benefits:

  • Our bookkeeping service provides you with the following outsourcing benefits:

    1. Access to expert business services.
    2. Utilization of the latest technology and infrastructure.
    3. Cost-cutting advantages.
    4. Enhanced control over your business operations.
    5. Lightened workload for your in-house staff.
    6. Strategic allocation of time and energy.
    7. Support from a pool of skilled accountants.

    In today’s digital age, adopting smarter business practices is essential. Relying solely on traditional approaches may no longer be effective. Embracing automation is crucial, moving away from handling all paperwork through internal staff.

    Maintaining an in-house workforce comes with substantial expenses such as hiring, training, and employee retention costs. Choosing to employ an accounting professional in-house could inflate your operational expenses.

    Contrary to misconceptions, Superiorsums is not exorbitant. Many small organizations perceive it as costly, when in reality, it’s a cost-effective management tool. We offer tailored payment based on services used, without hidden charges or extras. We prioritize building lasting customer relationships, remaining client-centric, and ensuring their satisfaction.

A Comparison Of Our Exper Bookeeping Service With Automative Accounting Software

Service criteriaAutomotive Accounting Software ServiceOur Expert Accounting and Bookkeeping Service
Cost aspectMoreCost effective
AssistanceOften may not Available due to technical faultAlways Available
Technical IssueMany a timesNothing
Support SystemAlways but only automotiveRound the clock with personal assistance
TrustworthinessMechanical process, No guidanceMore reliability
SecurityNo trust, anyone knowing the pass-code can use the information.More secured
Expert service levelCannot manage all the back office workExpert help is possible

Accounting and bookkeeping are universally recognized as some of the most laborious tasks for all types of organizations. Not only are they monotonous, but they also pose challenges for in-house staff who might lack comprehensive knowledge in the field. Precision and accuracy are paramount in accounting, and these tasks require a deep understanding of the subject, its standards, and the latest regulations.

Every business owner bears the responsibility of pursuing the best interests of their enterprise. We offer you guidance and information to facilitate sound decision-making, aimed at maximizing your business potential. Effective decision-making involves strategic allocation of your limited capital and investment to achieve optimal returns. Beyond enhancing customer satisfaction, our services provide expert assistance in business management. By managing your accounts, we offer insights into your business’s accurate financial position. This empowers you to gauge whether your business is progressing or regressing, and make informed strategic decisions based on our provided information and reports.

Process for Implementing Superiorsums

The following is a series of steps you should adhere to in order to implement Superiorsums for your business:

Understand Your Unique Business Needs

Every business owner needs to assess their company to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation aids in determining whether incorporating accounting outsourcing into the organization is beneficial. Consequently, you can pinpoint the precise services that can be outsourced to a third-party provider.

Choosing the Appropriate Service Module

Since each business has its own distinct requirements, there isn't a universal solution. It's crucial to make a well-informed decision when selecting the appropriate module, taking into account factors such as services offered and associated costs.

Cost Considerations for the Chosen Module

We do not enforce a set monthly or yearly fee. Your payment is determined solely by the specific services you receive. Our charges are not standardized; they fluctuate based on the nature of the services and the intricacy of the tasks involved.

Simplified Management of Bills and Invoices

We've introduced a dedicated feature that enables you to directly print your customers' bills and invoices from within the software. Our proficient support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance whenever you need it.

Required Information/Documents from Your End

The outsourcing company is not self-sufficient initially. To commence the process, you're required to supply your raw business data. Based on this information, we can generate various reports, financial statements, and fulfill all necessary bookkeeping duties. Businesses have the option to transmit their electronic data via email or online platforms.

As providers of Superiorsums services, we offer an ideal solution for your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. Our services are tailored to address the distinct needs of small and medium-sized organizations. Moreover, we extend our expert services to CPAs and larger corporations. Our offerings encompass all business entities operating within the US. Delve deeper into the advantages of accounting outsourcing to make an informed decision.

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