Management Team

Founded in 2016, Superiorsums was conceived with the explicit aim of revolutionizing the realm of accounting and bookkeeping services. Spearheaded by Mr. Sunil Khullar (B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A.), a seasoned professional with an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, the company emerged as a pioneer in financial outsourcing services. As the driving force behind the organization, Mr. Khullar diligently endeavored to elevate the standards of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation, propelling these services into new frontiers of excellence.

Mr. Sunil Khullar

Sunil Khullar, the Managing Director and owner of the company, possesses an impressive array of qualifications and expertise, including:

  • B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce)
  • F.C.A. (Fellow Chartered Accountant)
  • D.I.S.A. (Diploma in Information System Audit)

He is also a CPA Certified Public Accountant Equivalent, holding the esteemed title of an Pakistani Chartered Accountant equivalent to a CPA.


Superiorsums boasts a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requisites governing trade operations for companies within the United States. The company holds an accredited license that authorizes it to conduct its business activities. Mr. Sunil’s unparalleled real-world accounting experience and exceptional bookkeeping skills further enhance the company’s proficiency.

With a substantial portion of his career dedicated to excelling in the accounting domain, Mr. Sunil brings to the table not only expert service quality but also invaluable strategic business solutions and guidance in client development. These elements, crucial for achieving success in any business, leverage his hands-on experience within a similar platform.

About Our Company

At Superiorsums, we deliver top-tier services while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Although based, Superiorsums  caters to the requirements of U.S. companies, individual businesses, and CPA firms.

Our company’s primary objective revolves around furnishing accounting solutions tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the context of outsourcing, security of sensitive business information and client personal details naturally becomes a concern for entrepreneurs. Rest assured, Superiorsums employs a world-class, multi-level security system that prioritizes the safeguarding of your business. We strictly control access to information, allowing only authorized personnel working on a project to access financial data. Our client-centric approach places utmost importance on preserving business security and the confidentiality of critical client information.

To fortify our technical security measures, we have implemented Firewalls across our system. Continuous updates of our antivirus systems extend to both servers and workstations, ensuring a resilient defense against potential threats. Our robust Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan effectively prevents data loss incidents. As a result, our financial information system remains highly secure. Our routine audit programs encompass Network security, Local security, and Vulnerability assessment, contributing to an offshore approach that aligns with the demands of today’s rapidly evolving world.

We cater to the diverse needs of business enterprises by offering a range of expert services, including but not limited to:

Nurturing Customer Relationships

At the core of our values lies the diligent care we extend to each of our customers, ensuring their contentment through the provision of optimal solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Superiorsums takes pride in delivering annual, quarterly, and monthly business reports that provide a comprehensive understanding of the current financial well-being of your enterprise. Armed with this insight, business owners are empowered to make strategic choices that may involve business expansion or streamlining operations. Recognizing the diverse demands of entrepreneurs, we offer customized reports that align precisely with their evolving business needs. These uniquely tailored reports serve as gateways, unveiling the exciting realm of external opportunities.

The immediate advantage that businesses gain by engaging Superiorsums includes:

Our primary aim is to alleviate the challenges your business faces during busy periods and alleviate the burden of tackling complex and laborious accounting tasks.

Our Accomplished Team of Experts

At the helm of the company’s operations is Mr. Sunil Khullar, overseeing affairs from our offshore center . Collaborating with him is a dedicated team of adept accounting professionals who work in tandem to address the requirements of CPA firms, individual business entities spanning both large and small enterprises. Superiorsums remains committed to introducing innovation within the industry, providing indispensable support to the trading community. Our offshore operations steadfastly uphold the highest service standards, cementing Superiorsums position as a trailblazer in the forefront of the accounting outsourcing sector. We have garnered the trust of the digital landscape as a preeminent outsourcing solution, and our team stands prepared to deliver expert business assistance. A mere phone call away, you can reach us at +1 (929)-294-2429. For further information, visit . We encourage you to seek answers to any inquiries you may have. Liberating you from the day-to-day burdens of intricate accounting affairs, we enable you to channel your valuable business time and resources toward your core activities, fostering the growth and prosperity of your enterprise.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, adaptation is paramount. Industries are in a constant state of flux, demanding businesses to stay nimble and receptive to change. To navigate this shifting terrain successfully, an openness to adopting innovations within the business realm is crucial. By implementing a meticulous approach to bookkeeping, you have the potential to transform your environment into a realm of rewarding opportunities. This proactive stance not only positions you at an advantage in the present but also fortifies your prospects for a promising future.

The Reliable Service

Embrace the collaborative accounting service approach without hesitation. Size doesn’t matter – whether you’re a small business unit or a fledgling startup, our services are tailored to fit your needs. Common misconceptions exist about outsourcing, with some believing it’s costly, while others see it as an unnecessary expenditure. However, we’re here to assure you that it’s a strategy that not only alleviates your workload but also trims your business overhead costs effectively.

By engaging Superiorsums, you exclusively pay for the services you require – not a cent more. In the days of traditional accounting practices, business owners would expend significant resources on hiring and managing in-house staff. Through outsourcing, you gain the freedom to tailor your approach according to your unique business requirements. There are no monthly fees, no registration costs, and no processing charges to burden you. Your financial commitment is solely directed towards the services you opt for.

Hire us for your Awesome value for Money

Introducing a per-hour basis payment structure for your convenience. We are committed to transparency with no hidden charges involved. There’s no requirement for a minimum monthly commitment of hours from your end. You’ll only be billed for the precise hours we’ve dedicated to your tasks.

At Superiorsums , we prioritize the well-being of our clients and their interests. Your funds are utilized prudently, contributing to a purposeful project that holds the potential to significantly boost your business profits in the foreseeable future. Rest assured, your financial investment is a step towards enhancing your business’s success.

The speed Level

Considering the focus on financial operations within your enterprise, upholding a high standard of accuracy is of paramount importance. The precision and correctness of your financial records carry immense significance in the realm of bookkeeping. Even a minor discrepancy at this juncture has the potential to escalate into a significant predicament in the days ahead. We take pride in offering an unblemished work accuracy rate of 100%.

Our methodology entails a rigorous multi-tier validation process, leaving no room for errors or oversights. Furthermore, the benefits that your business is poised to reap stem directly from our adeptness in delivering all-encompassing business services. Our unwavering commitment to consistently seek out cost-effective service opportunities underscores our resolute dedication to enhancing customer service.

In the context of contemporary enterprises, it is strongly advisable to inject innovation into the domain of accountancy by embracing outsourced solutions. By enlisting the services of Superiorsums, you unlock access to premier bookkeeping services and heightened levels of customer satisfaction. Our accounting outsourcing company is geared to cater to the diverse requirements of businesses spanning America. Irrespective of your industry, we are prepared to aid CPA firms, individual ventures, and entities of all magnitudes, ranging from extensive corporations to midsize and smaller operations across the expanse of the United States. Our clientele encompasses a wide array of sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, real estate, and more.

Why us

Unlock the Potential: Outsource Your Accounting and Business Processes

The moment is ripe for you to seize the opportunity and entrust your accounting and business process operations to external experts. Redirect your focus to the core of your business and pave the way for success:

Liberate yourself from the repetitive tasks of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Financial Statement creation, bank reconciliation, Accounts Payable Service management, Cash Flow Management, recording business transactions, and generating income statements and balance sheets.

Delegating essential accounting functions to third-party specialists is a strategy to shift the weight of business responsibilities while maintaining seamless workflow. This lightens the load on your in-house staff, enabling them to shoulder additional responsibilities.

Effective management doesn’t demand overseeing every day-to-day detail to keep the business afloat. Following conventional practices won’t propel your business forward; it will merely keep it stagnant. Routine tasks are inevitable but they don’t contribute to organizational growth.

To excel in business, innovation and dynamic approaches are necessary. Entrepreneurs should invest time in analyzing business strengths and weaknesses, identifying core requirements, and working toward achieving them.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily involve investing heavily in infrastructure or technology. It’s about optimizing resource allocation to achieve maximum returns.

The primary benefit of this process is freeing up your time and resources. Channel your energy into cultivating client relationships and executing strategic plans. Allocate your in-house staff to core business activities to maximize profits.

This approach offers benefits like cost reduction, improved service quality, enhanced customer relations, an enhanced business reputation, and access to advanced infrastructure and technology—all without additional investment. Outsourcing consistently supports your journey with no apparent drawbacks.

Entrepreneurs aren’t expected to manage every aspect themselves. The smart approach is to delegate tasks to experts, ensuring exceptional service quality that drives business growth and fosters customer relationships.

Delegating tasks saves costs while bolstering your business reputation, crucial for growth. Outsourcing accounting allows unhindered expansion without the constraints of manpower or infrastructure. It delivers elevated service quality and increased profitability.

Focus on activities that truly add value to your business. The result? An organization with heightened profitability and superior service standards.

Now is the time to alleviate your burden, reduce costs, escape IRS penalties, regain your time, and avoid technological headaches. Relieve your in-house staff from operational minutiae. Redefine your workforce deployment for optimal resource utilization, resulting in heightened profitability and superior service. Partner with collaborative accounting services to manage crucial functions, seize strategic opportunities, and add value to your business.

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