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 Superiorsums stands as your premier business partner, primed to deliver accounting and bookkeeping services that directly enhance the prosperity of your enterprise. We extend our services to encompass a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from individual firms and small enterprises to prominent corporations and CPAs operating within the United States.

In addition to catering to the accounting needs of various enterprises, our services have now expanded to encompass the hospitality and real estate sectors. Our team comprises skilled accountants adept at managing your day-to-day accounting requirements, with a focus on tailoring our services to suit your organizational preferences. For real estate ventures, we assume responsibility for real estate property business accounts, offering invaluable assistance in lease account management, property accounting, and individual customer accounts. In the realm of hospitality, we extend our expertise to aid restaurant proprietors in efficiently managing accounts payable, cash flow, inventory, and individual customer accounts.

Our staff members are equipped with extensive professional knowledge in accounting. They possess the acumen to meticulously manage your financial records in alignment with state and government business regulations. Armed with the necessary tools and advanced features required for comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing, our team ensures that your financial matters are expertly managed.

Our proficient team is dedicated to managing your entire outsourced accounting responsibilities with unparalleled expertise. Our commitment to precision and accuracy in our work is unwavering. Leveraging our specialized services can elevate your client’s satisfaction by offering a more customer-centric experience. Additionally, you stand to gain the advantages of economic efficiency in your business operations.

Our standard turnaround time is set at 24 hours. However, we are equipped to expedite your tasks, even accommodating overnight requirements for urgent cases. This gives you the opportunity to review the work and request any necessary amendments. Our foremost goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ business needs and aspirations. Upholding your confidentiality is paramount; hence, we abstain from requesting credit card details or account information for conducting business operations. Upon completion, we will dispatch the work to your designated email or preferred transfer method as indicated by you.

In the realm of Superiorsums, meticulous record keeping is our hallmark. We maintain duplicate copies of your work for a certain period, subsequently disposing of them securely. Once the assignment is concluded, remittance can be settled through Swift Wire Transfer, direct account transfers, or PayPal, providing you with flexible payment options.

Rejuvenating the Offered Services: Superiorsums Solutions for Property Market Dealers

Revolutionizing Superiorsums Services for the Real Estate Industry

At Superiorsums, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch account payable services tailored to the dynamic real estate business sector. As your all-in-one solution provider, we offer an array of services designed to fulfill your business requirements:

  1. Comprehensive Accounts Payable Management: We expertly manage all accounts payable activities, ensuring seamless transactions and accurate record-keeping.

  2. Precise Recording of General Ledger Transactions: Our meticulous approach guarantees the accurate recording of general ledger transactions, maintaining a clear financial overview.

  3. Dedicated Customer Account Maintenance: We maintain distinct customer accounts, enabling efficient tracking and personalized service delivery.

  4. Accurate Real Estate Revenue/Income Statement: Our expertise allows us to ascertain precise real estate revenue and generate comprehensive income statements.

  5. Preparation of Property Business Balance Sheets: We prepare thorough balance sheets for your property business, offering insights into financial stability.

  6. Tenant Accounting Activities Recording: From lease renewals to operation management, expansion, and lease termination agreements, we manage all tenant accounting activities.

  7. Compliance with US Trade Regulations: We ensure your business adheres to US trade regulations, minimizing legal risks and ensuring smooth operations.

  8. Recording Real Estate Business Expenses: Our team records all business expenses, including insurance, depreciation, and taxes, providing a clear financial picture.

  9. Investor and Property Reports per US GAAP: We generate investor and property reports aligned with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

  10. Tailored Financial Analysis and Business Reports: Our services include the preparation of financial analysis statements and customized business reports to aid strategic decision-making.

  11. Meticulous Cash Flow Statement Maintenance: We maintain accurate cash flow statements, offering insights into your business’s financial health.

  12. Precise Inventory Valuation: In compliance with real estate regulations in the USA and Canada, we perform meticulous inventory valuations.

Operational Base for Cost-Efficiency and Expertise

As an accounting and bookkeeping company operating, we leverage the cost advantages of our location to provide you with exceptional services at a fraction of the cost compared to the US. Our team of experts offers bookkeeping, accounting, and income tax filing services at a highly competitive price point. We cater to businesses of all sizes, including CPA firms, fostering innovation and growth.

Stringent Security Measures for Business Confidentiality

At Superiorsums, security is paramount. We implement a multi-level security framework that safeguards your business data and confidentiality. Our stringent protocols prevent unauthorized data access, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected. Our systems are fortified with antivirus software to ward off potential threats, while regular audit programs validate the integrity of our work. Our commitment to network security, vulnerability assessment, and local security underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Partner withSuperiorsums today to experience a transformative approach to accounting and bookkeeping services. Let us elevate your business with our offshore solutions and innovative strategies.

The Services Provided by us for Hotel and Restaurants

Comprehensive Accounts Payable Solutions Tailored for the Hospitality Sector

At Superiorsums, we take pride in offering a complete suite of accounts payable services meticulously designed for the dynamic hospitality industry. Our range of services includes:

1. **Vendor Account Reconciliation:** Thoroughly reconcile vendor accounts, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial transactions.

2. **Efficient 1099 Processing:** Seamlessly process 1099 forms, facilitating smooth tax reporting and compliance.

3. **Seamless Electronic Invoice Integration:** Integrate electronic invoices seamlessly, streamlining the invoicing process for efficiency.

4. **Effortless Tax and License Processing:** Handle tax and license processing with precision, ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

5. **Credit Card Statement Reconciliation:** Meticulously reconcile credit card statements, ensuring financial accuracy and oversight.

6. **Comprehensive Accounts Payable Management:** Handle all aspects of accounts payable management with expertise, facilitating smooth transactions.

7. **Customer Invoice Management:** Skillfully manage customer invoices, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing.

8. **Tailored Check Processing:** Process checks tailored to your needs, optimizing payment workflows.

9. **Web-Based Invoice Imaging:** Utilize web-based invoice imaging for enhanced document management and accessibility.

10. **Full Support for Billing Disputes:** Offer comprehensive support for billing disputes, ensuring prompt resolution and customer satisfaction.

With Superiorsums, your trust is well placed. We are driven by a customer-centric approach and guarantee the safety and security of your work. Your business is in capable hands. Our tailored services cater to your unique business needs, offering expert financial and accounting support. Our periodic and consolidated reports empower you to make strategic business decisions with confidence.

Delegate and Innovate

Delegating tasks to a third party lightens your workload significantly. Gain the freedom to focus on core activities by relieving yourself from day-to-day accounting tasks. Embrace a more streamlined organizational structure, fostering innovation. As your accounting burden is lifted, you’ll have the space to contemplate business growth and enhancement.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Outsourcing doesn’t strain your budget. In fact, it’s a tool that can curtail business operating costs. Accounting and bookkeeping are vital tasks, but maintaining an in-house department can be cost-prohibitive. Outsourcing saves you from the expenses of hiring, retaining, and providing benefits to in-house staff.

Beyond cost savings, outsourcing yields benefits like controlled capital and labor costs, enhanced efficiency, risk reduction, and improved customer relations.

Collaborative Accounting Approach

Our collaborative approach takes on your accounting challenges, alleviating your burdens. We value your time and money, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Tailored to your needs, we charge you for the services you require – not a cent more, not a cent less. No monthly packages, no processing fees, no hidden charges. You’ll receive unparalleled value for your investment.

Flexible Service Plans

Our adaptable service plans suit organizations of all sizes. We even offer per-hour billing, aligning with your specific project needs.

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Visit our official website,, for comprehensive service and pricing details. A simple phone call connects you to our expertise. Hire us today for complete professional assistance. With a widespread global clientele, we’ve been a frontrunner in the Accounting and Bookkeeping Service industry since 2004.

Experience Excellence

Superiorsums empowers small businesses and startups to flourish digitally. Embrace  Superiorsums to shine brightly in your industry. Your success story begins here.


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Once we receive the information via email or specialized file delivery software, our team will promptly initiate the work and ensure its readiness at the earliest convenience, ideally by the following morning. This will allow you to assess the work and make a decision based on your satisfaction. It’s important to note that we do not require any credit card details to commence our bookkeeping and accounting services. Respecting your privacy is paramount, and we will generate an invoice only upon the completion of the initial task. For your convenience, payments can be made through PayPal or Swift Wire Transfer.

Our primary focus for delivering bookkeeping services centers on states situated along the East Coast, specifically Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, as well as Arizona and California.

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